Aeration? Play anyway!

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It’s that time of the year again. Spring aeration season. The Hawaii golfer’s biannual hunt for the one course on Oahu with grass instead of sand to putt on. Yet is that hunt really worth it? I’m convinced it’s not. Now before you think “well sure, the golf course employee must say that,” trust me [...]

Top dressing for success

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You may notice from time to time a silvery sheen on our greens. In fact, you will notice it at all the best courses in Hawaii. As some of you may know, that sheen is evidence that the superintendent has applied a light sand topdressing. Many mistake this for a heavy maintenance procedure. But trust [...]


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One of the biggest changes I made recently with my putting isn’t a mechanical fix.  In fact, it was something I learned from one of my students. This student, who is an 18 handicap, tends to sink 5 foot par putts like they were tap-ins. He also usually makes (at least) a couple of 10+ foot putts a [...]


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You’re golfing at your favorite track at one of Hawaii’s top courses. The greens are rolling great. The reads are true and the speed is constant. Triumphant, you enter the club house after the best putting day you have had in months. Then you see it. “Closed for aeration next week Tuesday and Wednesday” As [...]


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Distance control is key to developing constancy. The most basic step towards creating good distance control is knowing how far all your clubs go with a full swing. Knowing your base distances will not only help improve your consistency, but increase your confidence on the course. Here are two ways of refining your distance knowledge. [...]